39ft Aluminum Wire for Wire Wrapping ~ 12 Gauge (2mm) Many Colors!

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  • Gauge: 12
  • Length: 39 feet
  • Alive with vibrant color, ultra-lightweight aluminum wire is soft enough to manipulate without the use of tools.
  • Lead-safe and resists tarnish, use for wire-wrapped jewelry, craft applications and home decor.
  • For optimal results, dip tool tips in Tool Magic heavy-duty rubber coating to prevent scratching or marring wire.Form this soft wire easily using jeweler's pliers and tools.
  • Coil wire with the Coiling Gizmo, Jump Ring Makers, and Wire Twisting Tool and shape the wire with jigs to form beads and other designs.
  • Use Nylon Jaw Pliers to prevent marring surface finish of the wire, or use standard pliers – Round Nose, Chain Nose or Flat Nose.
  • To smooth cut ends, use the Wire Rounder Tool.