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0.50 Ounce Silver Carbon Steel HEAVY DUTY Memory Wire 4 5/8" Round Necklace

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  • HEAVY DUTY Round carbon steel memory wire is rigid, pre-coiled, and it's easy to use.
  • Beadalon, silver-plated carbon steel, 4-5/8 inch round necklace, 1mm thick extra heavy duty.
  • Sold per 0.5-ounce pkg, approximately 5 loops.
  • Just make a loop on one side, string on beads and finish with a loop or a 1/2-drilled bead (available in our store).
  • Use in single loops or multi-loop combinations.
  • These are considered a larger coil.
  • .039 in (1mm) thick.
  • Approximately 19 gauge.
  • Sold per 0.50 ounce pkg of approximately 5 loops.
  • There are two ways to finish the ends of Memory Wire.
  • You can finish with gluing on 1/2 drilled ball ends or by turning each end into a loop.
  • *Please consider the actual sizes given in the listing as the pictures are generally enlarged to show detail.